Zoë (marauded) wrote in h_and_m,

WANTED in a size 10 or 12

I've asked this before, but I DESPERATELY! want this jacket.
I was bidding on it on eBay, but some sneaky bitch (excuse me, im not happy at all) came in in literally the last few seconds and beat me by a pound.

What I went through to get this coat.... I got up early this morning to bid on it before school, I took a half day from school, I forfeited my study, as I went on during the week to see if there were any new bids.
When I refreshed the page and found out that I had lost, I actually felt light-headed and dizzy, like I was going to faint, the blood was rushing in my ears. This just tops it all. I've had an incredibly depressing past few weeks, and just when I was looking for a jacket, I find the one I wanted and this happens. I acutally started crying when I found out. I was so miserable. I give up hope. I'm still stuck with the one jacket now, I thought I'd win this. I'm so depressed, am I some sort of freak? for crying? I feel like getting sick. This is my last hope, but I doubt anyone will have it. I may as well give up.
I had a pair of shoes that would match this jacket as they don't match anything in my wardrobe. I need to have a good cry.

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PS. this is the third time I've bidded on this jacket.. didn;t win any, im so unhappy :(
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